This Isn’t just a sports sock but the ultimate everyday performance sock. 

Its time to get serious about your wellness. If you want and need the most comfortable, seamless, non-binding sock for everyday wear, this is the choice for you!

We chose our name because it was originally developed for the athlete but it turned out to be comfortable to wear all day everyday. If it works for football and soccer players can you imagine what it could do for you! At these prices(comparable to the $29.95 & up), how can you go wrong? The R-Bao Socks, incorporating R-Bao is designed for any user who wants ultimate comfort, wellness and performance from their socks! Tests show increased balance, stamina, recovery, strength and range of motion.  We also have special designs for people with circulation issues.

Trust us your feet, ankles and legs will be thanking you for these extraordinary socks. Developed for the athlete but made for the masses.

Footballsocks.comTrademark was created to fill a void that exist in the sock industry. We set out to created a high quality sock at a rock bottom price! We don’t offer many brands, just one to be exact and not a variety of colors, just two. We’re not into the socks that are frilly with pink dinosaurs but socks made for the hardworking and hard-playing adults. By sticking to this philosophy we pass the saving on to you our customers. Footballsocks.com has a partnership agreement with Ms. Rong Bao (R-BAO) to bring an exclusive one of a kind sock only sold through our website.This sock is truly revolutionary in that this mild compression sock does it all. Reinforcement and stretch are designed into every pair and a range of technical and natural fibers are utilized to make socks for the toughest work days and harshest environments. These sock are anti-slip,breathable,anti-friction,absorbent,with a reinforced heel and toe for enhanced durability. These unisex socks will keep your feet cool,dry,healthy and odor free throughout the day. Our technology not only wicks away sweat and fights odors but also helps with circulation and muscle relaxation.These socks were made to go from the boardroom to the playground and everywhere in between. We make it affordable to own and wear these socks everyday!

Compression socks for men and women have many significant health benefits, especially when you opt for high quality compression socks that are sold by FootballSocks.com.  People may choose to wear compression socks for a variety of reasons, from frequent flyers preventing blood clots to gym fanatics. You should learn about the conditions and health issues that can benefit from the use of compression socks.


One of the most common reasons why people buy compression socks is because they want the socks to help improve their athletic performance and their ability to participate effectively in athletic events. Runners, in particular, can benefit from compression socks but so could everyone else.  Compression socks help to keep blood flowing as you exercise, and can increase oxygen coming to the muscles as a result.  Production of lactic acid can also be reduced when you wear compression socks. Since lactic acid causes muscle soreness, it is possible to work out more intensely without discomfort for many people who wear compression socks. But do you have to be an athlete to but these high quality compression socks? The answer is no! Many people that spend a lot of time on the feet such as Police Officers, Postal workers, Doctors, Nurses, Sanitation, Construction workers,etc will enjoy the benefits of these amazing socks. Trust me your feet and legs will love you after a long hard day!


Men and women who are on their feet all day or men who are beginning to experience varicose veins or spider veins can also benefit from compression socks . By applying pressure in the right places to help improve circulation, the risk of varicose veins or spider veins developing is decreased. You can maintain better vein health and keep your circulatory system functioning optimally when you make a choice to wear compression socks. Knee high socks with compression can help to improve your circulation and provide support to your legs in many situations. As you age, you may begin to have circulatory problems and issues with your veins because of weakening of the valves in the veins. While circulatory issues are a bigger problem in those who are getting older, compression is also beneficial for anyone with leg swelling heavy or achy legs, varicose veins, venous ulcers that have healed, post-thrombotic syndromes, or other conditions.

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